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Great check everything,ears ,nose, throat. And gave me medications didn't wait long
Sylvia C. | Jul 14, 2024
JUAN C. | Jul 14, 2024
Got the care I needed
JOSE M. | Jul 14, 2024
It was pleasant, the doctor was very professional. Every time I come here it's a good experience. Thank you.
MINERVA L. | Jul 14, 2024
My son when in because he hurt his ear and it was bleeding and was in pain she did not do much for him she said she couldn't see anything I took him to his primary care doctor the next day turns out that his ear drum ruptured and she can clearly see it
EMMET V. | Jul 12, 2024
There has been a couple times that when I go to this urgent care and this doctor is there and we see him. He seems to always have an unpleasant demeanor, almost like he is dreading his work which show when he interacts with us. He is really brief and quick, never really checking us. He is in and out of our room within a min or two. I ask questions and he has a snobby attitude, always. Don’t recommend him to anyone. I go to this urgent care sometimes because it’s always empty and they get you in right away and now I see why. I have gone when other doctors are there and have had no problem with them. It’s just that one doctor.
AKIVA C. | Jul 12, 2024
esta clínica me gusta porque es muy eficiente su personal es amable y atienden rápido.
MARIA I. | Jul 12, 2024
Dr. Richard is a perfect doctor. I highly recommend him.
FIDEL A E. | Jul 11, 2024
Dr. Richard is a perfect doctor. I highly recommend him.
JAMES S E. | Jul 11, 2024
Dr Richard is very experienced and listen to your problems . Highly recommended.
EKPO J E. | Jul 11, 2024
Yesenia was very knowledgeable, friendly and positive. She instantly knew what my condition was without having to Google like other doctors.
T ARA M M. | Jul 11, 2024
They take care of people fast, good and simple.
ERICKA B. | Jul 11, 2024
He did not listened to my corcern look mad give me attitude not even touch me when I was telling him I was in pain he stated if you are looking for opioid I am just going to give you ibuprofen and my problem was low hearth rate and right arm pain I had to go to another doctor that then he send me to the Er
DARWIN R. | Jul 11, 2024
NESTOR L D. | Jul 11, 2024
This is the fastest and best urgent care around
ANGELA P. | Jul 11, 2024
PATRICIA V. | Jul 10, 2024
SALVADOR G. | Jul 10, 2024
Great service
JULIO C D. | Jul 10, 2024
Was Sen promptly and cared for.
KELLY B. | Jul 09, 2024
She was very helpful and she listened my problem and resolved, I recommend her.
MARIA V. | Jul 09, 2024
JOSE G. | Jul 09, 2024
I will recommend it to others good service
JESSICA N. | Jul 08, 2024
Excellent service and very prompt in making patient feel better!
RUBY S. | Jul 08, 2024
Very kind and helpful
PAMELA D. | Jul 08, 2024
She's Great, check you out thoroughly and prescribes medicine that's needed
SYLVIA C. | Jul 07, 2024
Very attentive
VICTOR I M. | Jul 07, 2024
On time and the staff so kind The put a fast and to my problem
ADRIAN E. | Jul 07, 2024
Great service they attended very fast and very efficient
SANDRA S. | Jul 07, 2024
We went in and was seen within minutes. Doctor looked at the area my baby got hurt and let us know right away she was ok it was just a bruise that will get better in time.
LILIANA A. | Jul 07, 2024
Great people good service
ALVARO G. | Jul 07, 2024
They get you in and out quick medical assistant very nice
ISIS A. | Jul 07, 2024
Very thorough exams to help find the problem.
LUCIA R. | Jul 07, 2024
Very efficient quick and so helpful. Wait time was minimal. Doctor was very attentive, paid attention to all my symptoms and concerns. Would definitely recommend
MONICA R. | Jul 07, 2024
Very sweet staff. They made me feel important. I was in a lot of pain.
GLORIA R. | Jul 06, 2024
Good experience. Doctor and team very profesionals
LORENZO R. | Jul 06, 2024
FRANK A. | Jul 06, 2024
Everyone was friendly and doctor prescribed good medication. I felt better the next day!!!!
LISBETH N V. | Jul 06, 2024
Received outstanding care
ADOLFO M. | Jul 06, 2024
The help was quick and efficient very nice staff the doctor did exactly what I needed got the medication I wanted so thank you
RENE P. | Jul 05, 2024
What I like about Apple Care is that they are always open. My experience with Dr. Thompson is presented with alacrity and undivided attention. What more can an impetuous patient ask for?
TODD A C. | Jul 04, 2024
He explained well was very concerned about my health and made sure I was ok before he released me .
EDELIA O. | Jul 04, 2024
woouuu I recommend it I always feel very bad after seeing the doctor and with the medicines the next day I am better they always give the right medicines
OLIVA G A. | Jul 03, 2024
Staff is friendly and caring. Seen in a timely manner. PA knows what she is talking about. Helped me with my problem. I would return there for medical care.
LEANNE V. | Jul 03, 2024
I am very satisfied w Dr Foley
STEPHANIE C. | Jul 03, 2024
Everyone was very nice and welcoming. Will be coming here as needed. Thank you!
SCARLETT N G. | Jul 02, 2024
Muy Amables Todos,Y Nos Atendieron Súper Rápido
VICTOR N. | Jul 01, 2024
Very fast and efficient
ISABELLE A. | Jul 01, 2024
Staff was very helpful, and Dr was on point and explained everything so I could understand. Wasn't crowded and I was in and out in about an hour
JEFFREY T. | Jul 01, 2024
Very good
VANINA F N. | Jun 30, 2024
It was quick courtesy was at a high took care of me within a hour I was out
SHEILA L OFFLEY G. | Jun 30, 2024
Dr Seto explained that what I had was not pinkeye, but a bacterial infection. He was very helpful and sent me off with a prescription which appears to be working!
KEVIN K. | Jun 29, 2024
Every was very nice and friendly
YOLANDA R. | Jun 29, 2024
The wait was long but when we saw the doctor we're pretty quick
DAVID J B. | Jun 29, 2024
Fast and doctor really made me feel like he cared
TERESITA A. | Jun 29, 2024
FELIPA G. | Jun 29, 2024
The best fast
VANESSA R. | Jun 29, 2024
NICOLINA G. | Jun 28, 2024
They knew what they were doing. Very pleasant. And we’re fast
JOANN K. | Jun 28, 2024
Great service great doctors
JASON D. | Jun 27, 2024
CHARISMA C. | Jun 27, 2024
ALBA O. | Jun 26, 2024
The place is very efficiently run and very very clean. The doctor on call is a very busy person but he takes time with everyone and the girls couldn't be more helpful I have used in the past and had wonderful outcomes of my visits thankfully your close by
MARY T. | Jun 26, 2024
I love the service and the attention they gave me I am feeling a lot much better thank you all.
EDUARDO M. | Jun 26, 2024
Went there for ear ache and told me because of wax build up , then the next day I went to the Kaiser er and they told me it was infected or infection why didn’t the urgent care tell me that…
JOHN R. | Jun 26, 2024
REBECA H. | Jun 26, 2024
Good job
SEBASTIAN M. | Jun 25, 2024
Pleasant and fast service
PRIMITIVO R. | Jun 25, 2024
El personal fue muy amable incluyendo a la doctora.
ALEXA G. | Jun 25, 2024
It was very brief. She didn't asked to much.
NELIA L. | Jun 25, 2024
Dr is helpful
AMANDA P. | Jun 25, 2024
Thank you for addressing my concern you're awesome
SOFIA C. | Jun 25, 2024
This was my first visit and I am super pleased. Everyone was very nice and I was seen within 20 min. The NP was very knowledgeable, prescribed meds and I was on my way!
CARLA L. | Jun 24, 2024
Atienden rápido y también son amables
LUZ C. | Jun 24, 2024
Real professional
CLEOFAS D. | Jun 24, 2024
Good attention and it was very fast.
HUGO A A. | Jun 24, 2024
JOSE N. | Jun 23, 2024
Very professional and makes you feel welcome. He cares about you and listens to your concerns on your health. He makes you laugh as well. Love this doctor. Highly recommend.
JANETTE L. | Jun 23, 2024
Plz call Walgreens pharmacy back. They waiting on approval. I need my prescription
SINA F. | Jun 23, 2024
Me falto un medicaments le hablo la farmacia y no pudieron contactor para darme la medicina
ROCIO C. | Jun 23, 2024
My doctor was a very caring doctor and she provided me the necessary tools to get better as she referred me actually to the hospital because my symptoms couldn’t be controlled there at Apple Urgent Carecare so she’s a great doctor. She knows what she’s doing.
MARY G. | Jun 23, 2024
Great doctor great service
ARION R. | Jun 23, 2024
I had a great experience coming to Apple Urgent Care and being treated by the doctor. He has great customer service skills
SHEILA P. | Jun 23, 2024
Yes i was treated very nice,I would recommend others to Apple urgent care,thank you all very much
RACHEL C. | Jun 23, 2024
Front desk are nice courteous. The are all professional in teems of their Job. I would like to recommend apple care to co workers and friend's....
JOEL A. | Jun 22, 2024
I was seen promptly and was treated with urgent care
MARIA TERE R C. | Jun 22, 2024
Muy amables y rápidos para atender a los pacientes
JAZMIN H. | Jun 22, 2024
I wait less than 10 min to be seen, good diagnostic, medicine was ready in about 45 min at my preferred farmacy ... all girls there very nice and polite ... place is very clean very efficient doctors
BERTHA P. | Jun 22, 2024
Went in without insurance for a problem I’d been dealing with for around a week. The prices for my test and visit were both reasonable. I showed up not long after they opened and the entire visit took less than 1.5hrs.
MATTHEW A. | Jun 22, 2024
Very concerning covered all my concerns. Professional, felt comfortable. Have come here many times their providers have all been the best. Front desk very receptive friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend.
IDA R. | Jun 21, 2024
Excellent staff and great dr. Listen to what we needed. Great with my austic son.
MATTHEW M. | Jun 21, 2024
Always ready to help me
JUANA P. | Jun 21, 2024
Dr. Hong listened to me for the reason I came in. She was very patient and I didn't feel rushed. Dr. Hong has a very calming demeanor and I felt comfortable discussing my issues with her. Thank you Dr Hong for taking the time with me. Sincerely Mary L.
MARY L. | Jun 21, 2024
Called in around 8 am asking if I could walk in to do my tb test, they said yes. I arrived and everything was fast hardly any wait and everyone was very nice
VANESSA H. | Jun 21, 2024
GRACE W. | Jun 20, 2024
Great Service, Understands your needs and very helpful.
JULIAN G. | Jun 20, 2024
Very quick and efficient. The front desk help was very friendly and informative. I didn’t feel like I was a burden on them for being there.
HANNAH N. | Jun 20, 2024
I had to wait three hours to get a TB test. When I returned to have my status verified I had to wait 2 hours. 2 hours to have someone look at my arm? Clearly triaging patients isn't a priority, it's just first come first serve. With it costing $50 for the test, I'm just better off going to the ER and paying the co-pay. Lesson learned.
SCOTT K. | Jun 19, 2024
The wait was long, but the providers were ALL very nice and accommodating, I enjoy going there when I need Urgent Care!!!!! Thanks for being YOU!!!!
LA TANYA T. | Jun 19, 2024
DULCE A. | Jun 18, 2024
It was a good experience it didn't take very long and they took care of my problem. I would definitely recommend them.
ANADENA E. | Jun 17, 2024
It was okay
ELVA L. | Jun 16, 2024
The Doctor was very informative and tended to my wound with care. If he was a General Practitioner, I would ask him to be my personal care physician.
JOSE D P. | Jun 16, 2024
Good visit
VALERIE C. | Jun 15, 2024
Muy amables,el tiempo de espera es poco
GILBERTO M. | Jun 14, 2024
Very kind very professional
IVETTE Z. | Jun 14, 2024
WILLIAM R. | Jun 14, 2024
The staff were great and nice. They treat you nice and with respect.
ANTONIO R. | Jun 13, 2024
Took care as to l ñeed
JOSIE C. | Jun 13, 2024
My experience was superb and satisfactory. Thank you Adedayo Adebisi, NP for your great service to humanity.
CYPRIANTANSI O. | Jun 13, 2024
Very fast and helpful thank you!
EVERARDO P. | Jun 13, 2024
The doctor was great and the wait was not long.
MATHEW G. | Jun 13, 2024
It was quick and easy. The wait time was not long.
MICHAEL G. | Jun 13, 2024
This is the best urgent care I've ever been to, Jacob is fantastic!! I've been treated there many times. The wait is never very long , b4 I've seen Dr. & I'm on my way home
WENDY O. | Jun 12, 2024
Amazing physicians and staff always efficient timeframe less than a hour, in an out.
PRESLYN K. | Jun 12, 2024
Professional, polite and handled my 3 year old with Care. Thank you for providing feedback for my toddler.
DELILAH E. | Jun 12, 2024
Dr. Foley is a force of nature. See a disease - battle the disease. My son never has gotten this ill before. He’s had asthma but never pneumonia. Dr. Foley looked and listened to everything we had to say. He prescribed the right medicine in perfect timing. This is a sign of a genuinely educated, excellent doctor. He kept us out of the hospital and is getting my son back to summer fun as fast as possible. Thank you Dr. Foley! You are wonderful.
NATHAN M. | Jun 12, 2024
Quick and gets the job done!
Octavio R. | Jun 12, 2024
Great customer service super helpful and fast
AMARIZ G. | Jun 11, 2024
Good urgent care
JESUS R. | Jun 10, 2024
Mui bien su atención así mis niñas
ALEYNA D. | Jun 10, 2024
Mui bien su atencion
ALEHT R. | Jun 10, 2024
I really like you guys how you treat my son
DA'JON G. | Jun 10, 2024
The doctors and nurses there are very kind and the receptionist greets you with a good mood and was very helpful!
BARBARA U. | Jun 09, 2024
The entire staff is so kind! I use this facility for my family, and the staff is always compassionate. I recommend this Apple Urgent Care, their commitment to helping patients feel better is authentic.
KARINA L. | Jun 09, 2024
Me trataron muy bien
ZULY O. | Jun 09, 2024
Felt slightly impersonal however was helpful and fast.
AURORA V. | Jun 09, 2024
The doctor did a great job.
SANIYA S. | Jun 08, 2024
The N.P. was very efficient and helpful. He was throughly careful and went through all the proper steps to take care of my wound. I would recommend him for sure!!!!
ALAN M. | Jun 08, 2024
Made me feel comfortable and cared for!
BRENDA M. | Jun 08, 2024
It was very busy. They serviced me with my paperwork. I was seen in a very timely manner. The front desk to the back area they were very kind and professional. The doctor was amazing that I saw. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. The prescription was sent to my pharmacy and by the time I got there it was ready. I will continue to go there if another medical situation should happen. My first urgent Care visit. I would recommend this office to family and friends. I am very pleased with my first time visit to an urgent care.
DEBORAH K. | Jun 08, 2024
I felt at home with the attention given me.!!!
JOSEPH O. | Jun 07, 2024
JUAN M. | Jun 06, 2024
He is always kind and a great Dr. Very good diagnostic I personal recover so fast from my gastric pain Thank you!!!
MARTIN V. | Jun 06, 2024
She was really nice and patient with me, she even listened to my own recommendations for my treatment and was very polite and professional
TREANA C. | Jun 06, 2024
The doctor was quick and efficient
YVONNE M V. | Jun 06, 2024
Mui excelente servicio
ISAC G. | Jun 06, 2024
Excelente servicio
THIAGO M. | Jun 06, 2024
Great and fast services will recommend to everyone I was in and out of there within 20 minutes and got the care I needed.
RINA R. | Jun 06, 2024
SOFIA C. | Jun 06, 2024
When I arrived, there were several people in the waiting room. I expected to wait for hours but to my surprise, I was seen promptly within the first 30 min. The staff are really nice and professional. The doctor addressed my concerns immediately and prescribed the medications I need to get well.
GENEVA Q. | Jun 06, 2024
She was professional, She courteous and kind.
ETTA T. | Jun 06, 2024
Very friendly staff and NP very nice also.
NOELIA S. | Jun 05, 2024
Good reception and efficiency
RULTH N. | Jun 05, 2024
I was treated very good and fast thank you
MARTINA R. | Jun 04, 2024
Good Dr.
DALIAH R. | Jun 03, 2024
Good Dr.
ELMA V. | Jun 03, 2024
It's okay
LIAM G. | Jun 02, 2024
Really good experience
MAYBELI R. | Jun 02, 2024
Excelente service
JUAN A. | Jun 02, 2024
Good experience. Though I waited longer before my child could be seen .
SOPURUCHI E. | Jun 02, 2024
Personal muy amable y Rapidoo aparte que hablan Ingles y espanol
JUAN M JR V. | Jun 02, 2024
The waiting time was around 1/2 hour super fast and the girls in the front office were so kind defiantly recommend
ITZEL C. | Jun 01, 2024
I was there yesterday for my daughter you who was crying of an earache. She was prescribed medication and I told them to send it to Walgreens near my home and the send it to CVS. So frustrating
KAITLYNN H. | Jun 01, 2024
He was very rude and he seemed to be having a bad day and was acting like a smart ass when I asked him a simple question . So sad that this is the first time that my family was treated like that we go to get help not to be talked to like that . Hopefully his attitude changes since the staff is very nice and every other doctor has been super nice . But this doctor was not .
MIKE C. | Jun 01, 2024
Provider was polite although he never shared his name. He was quick and efficient and had me on my waybquickly.
INEZ O. | Jun 01, 2024
This place is the best!! Great service, short wait The doctor is amazing relatable and is understanding. I hope I don’t have to come here again but if I need urgent care I will come back.
MICHAEL M. | Jun 01, 2024
M encanta el trato la doctora q m atendio m regreso my vida m atendio muy bien y gracias a su atención m estoy recuperando rápidamente
ESTRELLA A. | Jun 01, 2024
Striaght to the point. No long hours in waiting room. Fast & simple.
SUSANA F. | May 31, 2024
My son and I went to seek treatment at Apple care. We both have the same insurances. They said we can treat you but not your son. He was turned away when he needed help. They offer a billing explanation that made zero sense. I will never recommend or seek services with Apple care. They are a mess and were very rude when I asked for clarification. This place is awful! Don’t come here!!
ANTHONY U. | May 31, 2024
Very good attitude
ROSA L. | May 31, 2024
Dr. Surya Reddy and his staff are an amazing team. I was taken care of immediately upon arrival. Thank you Dr. Surya Reddy.
DALIA R. | May 31, 2024
She is honestly the best! She is caring and patient
DARIAN M. | May 31, 2024
Excelent service
KATHERINE A A. | May 31, 2024
Dr Moran was very kind he took time to listen to my concerns and that was very important to me , to many Drs just want to rush you out and on to the next person. Dr Moran was respectful
ELIZABETH C. | May 31, 2024
I love coming to this urgent care, they get you in and out with no problem. The Dr is always professional and makes sure he takes care of issues. Staff if very nice
TRACY H. | May 31, 2024
ADELA M. | May 31, 2024
Concise & quick! Thank you.
ELIJAH M. | May 30, 2024
Dan la medicina apropiada
CINTHIA S. | May 30, 2024
The staff were very helpful and friendly. They saw my daughter and knew immediately by looking at it what it was. It’s very convenient to get everything done in 1 hour. I recommend to anyone to come here when needed.
FARHA Z. | May 29, 2024
She seemed very knowledgeable, friendly and I did not feel rushed
LINDA S. | May 29, 2024
All satisfied
RUBEN G. | May 29, 2024
Dr was very thorough
MARIA I G. | May 29, 2024
Thanks for your help!
MA C. | May 29, 2024
ABRAM C. | May 28, 2024
Always quick professional and other choice for me...
LARITA T M. | May 28, 2024
Very professional
GABRIEL A. | May 28, 2024
First time here. I was very satisfied with all aspects of my experience. Friendly and polite. No long waiting time. Good communication. The doctor was attentive. Thank you to all staff. Especially on a holiday weekend.
PATRICIA H. | May 28, 2024
I have been here 2 times now and everyone is so nice. The doctor is also very understanding and is super laid back. I think this will be my go to clinic from now on! :)
VICTORIA T. | May 27, 2024
5 was my experience. The doctor was knowledgeable. And today the meds she ordered are working
DONNA V. | May 27, 2024
Very knowledgeable.
JESSE V. | May 27, 2024
Great NP she helped my son and me get better. I prefer NP Yessenia Toscano more than the other NPs.
CRYSTAL O. | May 27, 2024
Atienden muy bien las enfermeras son muy amables
JAVIER L. | May 27, 2024
Courteous, made an attempt to correct, but a follow up with primary and recommended treatment is necessary. Knowledgeable, listened and pleasant.
LYDIA R. | May 26, 2024
Short paperwork process and wait time. Physician confirmed issue and advised on further treatment- no need for prescription.
ADRIENNE S B. | May 26, 2024
Doctor was very friendly and helpful my daughter was able to recover in shorter time with him treatment plan thank you!
ALIYAH Z. | May 26, 2024
Excellent service…
RAMON G. | May 25, 2024
Mui amables
GUADALUPE C. | May 25, 2024
Very thorough and kind Also patient.
DEBRA A. | May 25, 2024
No atiende bien
JESSICA G. | May 25, 2024
Le faltó un poco más de seguimiento en el tratamiento inmediato, además de que tardó mucho en atender la emergencia por falta de oxígeno. Pero bien.
YESENIA L. | May 25, 2024
they are nice people
VICTOR C. | May 25, 2024
Everything was very quick and efficient, and I need a more in-depth look at my symptoms with my primary doctor that couldn’t be analyzed in urgent care.
YULIYA R. | May 25, 2024
Super easy to get in! Great staff and Dr Thompson checked my arm out and gave me a prescription that started working Great right away! Thank You Everyone! Tom G
THOMAS M G. | May 24, 2024
Quick and friendly
VERONICA V. | May 24, 2024
Very good doctor
LISA M. | May 24, 2024
Very good
MIREYA C. | May 24, 2024
I’m thankful
DANIEL G. | May 24, 2024
I go to this urgent care when I am in pain and I am in need of medical services. The staff is always pleasant helpful and concerned about my Chief complaints. The wait time is extremely short being I'm on such a tight schedule with working so far away from Rialto, and I always end up getting 100% excellent results. Keep up the good work girls you make our lives much easier in a much harder world.
CHERYL D. | May 24, 2024
Great service care, clean facility and the staff and the doctor were great.
MIGUEL M. | May 24, 2024
Had a good experience. I was prescribed the medication needed for my condition and was feeling better the next day.
MARIA V. | May 24, 2024
Dr. Ab was amazing and thorough with me. Also very patient with answering all my questions. Appreciate her. Medicine she prescribed worked immediately. Great job.
VAIPUNA A. | May 23, 2024
MARIBEL P. | May 23, 2024
Staff very polite, wait time was not bad at all, Doctor was very good
DEBBIE O. | May 23, 2024
Very quick, polite and accurate. This is such a great urgent care great choice for anyone needing to see a dr after hours.
ANGELA F. | May 22, 2024
Thank you,love coming here ,45 minutes, and I am done got my meds, to day I fill better
JENNIFER P. | May 22, 2024
Experience Services
ANGELIQUE T. | May 22, 2024
ANGEL E. | May 22, 2024
Very friendly staff. Was in and out quickly .
VALERIE A. | May 22, 2024
Good doctor
MAYANK C. | May 22, 2024
Everyone is very nice and help with everything
JENNIFER D. | May 22, 2024
Friendly and professional staff. Would recommend
IVAN R. | May 21, 2024
Excellent care
ALLEN S. | May 21, 2024
Great staff and service. Please continue the great job you do. It doesn’t go u seen
EDNA M. | May 21, 2024
It is the second time that Dr. Richard Caguin, has treated me, very good and fast service, I highly recommend him.
BELLA C. | May 21, 2024
Have been at facility twice, I have received good care from staff.
ADELA A. | May 20, 2024
I had a deep puncture, they treated me right of way in a very professional and polite manner.
GABRIEL G. | May 20, 2024
AIDA F. | May 19, 2024
Dr Igbinosun knew exactly how to handle my issue today. He was humble and professional, to the point and cared enough to explain why he was prescribing the medications and how I should take them. Plus he made me smile with his great happy energy. I appreciate his caring nature.
MELISSA B. | May 19, 2024
Needed x-ray, took care of me and nothing major on my end. Great people
LEAHNETTE G. | May 19, 2024
Doctor is the best, he treated my girl the best...she felt special
BIANKA C. | May 18, 2024
She’s great
CASSANDRA A. | May 18, 2024
Great service ! all staff was friendly, and helpful.
PERLA P. | May 18, 2024
I was very satisfied in the way my grandson was treated. I would highly recommend family members to your facility
ANGEL G. | May 18, 2024
KEILA V. | May 18, 2024
Great experience dr provided attentive care explained everything about my care and follow up
ISAURA E. | May 17, 2024
Very fast! Doctors and staff quickly seen my son and the prescription was called in right away
CHRISTIAN T. | May 17, 2024
Fast, kind, and very understanding Great customer service from all staff.
EMILY R. | May 17, 2024
I went in for a pain and was barely looked at for 2 minutes. I was told he couldn’t see anything wrong although my face was swollen and my eye couldn’t stay open plus irritated. All he did was pry my eye open further say he didn’t see anything even though it instantly had started watering. All he did was refer me to an ER after that. I went to another urgent care was actually asked questions and examined and in the end helped. I had a scratched cornea and minor infection.
BRITTANY D. | May 17, 2024
Me gustaría que las preguntas estén en español. Pero el cervicio es muy bueno y si lo recomendaria
YOLI D. | May 17, 2024
Only seen each one of my children for 3min each and came to the conclusion they were clear. My children have been sick for a month with yellow and green mucus. Spent hundreds of dollars on cough medicine. This NURSE PRACTITIONER refused to prescribe antibiotics! Asked for a second opinion and the actual doctor wasn’t on site and since I brushed that ladies ego, they left me waiting for an hour and turned the ac on blast. Eventually “management” came in and told me that the doctor will call for telehealth appt, NEVER RECEIVED THAT CALL! CHILDREN ARE DYING FROM HEALTHCARE NEGLIGENCE!! DO BETTER…
DEVINA O. | May 17, 2024
muy buen doctor y salimos muy rapido
LENCY C. | May 17, 2024
Very professional and caring.
MARIA H. | May 17, 2024
The staff was professional and very knowledgeable. I appreciated that I didn't have to wait long to be seen.
TAMMY ANNE S. | May 16, 2024
NAOMI C. | May 16, 2024
Very good doctor, very nice and great experience.
JOSIEL C. | May 16, 2024
The doctors checked everything EKG, blood pressure, blood sugar,
LISA Y. | May 16, 2024
This visit was quick no one really there. Bathroom was dirty
CAROLYN T. | May 16, 2024
They were very fast I was in and out in less then 20mins minutes
VICTOR L. | May 16, 2024
El doctor que Memito está ves demoró un poco interesado en mi salud no lo suficiente x que no mecheco nada estuvo muy lejos de mi preguntadome muy pocas preguntas sobre mi salud
MARIA C. | May 16, 2024
All out it was a great experience the waiting time wasn’t too long and I was able to see the dr pretty quickly, he answered all my questions and was very kind and helpful.
JAZMIN T. | May 16, 2024
The woman who attended me was excellent and the front office was quick to take you in
DELFINA B. | May 16, 2024
She was very nice to my kid and made him feel comfortable. Thank you
BRAYDEN A. | May 16, 2024
Very professional
KATHY S. | May 16, 2024
Exelence service
SAMUEL S. | May 16, 2024
Very respectful but not informative. He had a prescription ready before we explained details and I still had to take my daughter to ER after the visit with him. I will not access service through this provider again.
LEYLA C. | May 16, 2024
Very clean Nurses were nice. The doctor very nice. Listen to me and how I felt. Order meds sent me ho.e. Told me to come back if I need to.
DEBORAH A. | May 16, 2024
Every one was really welcoming, professional.
DOUG R III P. | May 15, 2024
Long wait for nothing my daughter had a cough and the doctor said just have her take honey
ADELYNN N. | May 15, 2024
Kind staff
JULIANNA S. | May 15, 2024
Kinda long wait sometime
RANDY J. | May 15, 2024
Thx for help and understanding my pain. God bless
LORI S. | May 15, 2024
Awesome!! Staff is friendly/kind , it's clean!
LILLY C. | May 15, 2024
Nice and professionalpersonal ND very good doctor
ALONSO L. | May 14, 2024
Took care of my concerns Left feeling confident about my injury and healing.
JANICE L. | May 14, 2024
Excellent service
HILARIO O. | May 14, 2024
Very professional and courteous!
MARVIN W. | May 13, 2024
Took my 5 year old for suture removal. Quick and easy. He was surprised how easy and painless it was
LUKA G. | May 13, 2024
Very happy with my vist the staff very good thank you
RAYMOND B. | May 13, 2024
Excelente todo muy bien
ELOISA P. | May 13, 2024
Fast and easy
STEVEN V. | May 13, 2024
Clarissa was professionall She listened to her patient Came up with the perfect plan for me getting well
SHELIA H. | May 13, 2024
Everyone was polite and kind
ROBBYN N. | May 13, 2024
I had a good experience, he thoroughly checked out my kid and got here medication she needed to feel better and I think it’s working already
AMAYAH C. | May 12, 2024
The doctor gave me time and attention
MARLENA G. | May 12, 2024
Dr. Was very friendly with my son, made him confortable and his diagnosis and medication helped him feel better! My son is autistic as well so he isn't fond of dr. at all.
CARTER R. | May 12, 2024
Quick and informative.
LILIANA R. | May 12, 2024
People were very friendly and doctor actually listened to what I had to say.
ELAINE C. | May 12, 2024
This place is always so nice and clean and the staff is very friendly and the doctor doctor is very friendly as well and he doesn’t take a very long time to see you. Totally recommend it for any emergency.
MICHAEL M. | May 11, 2024
ANA A B. | May 11, 2024
Muy buena clínica las enfermeras y los doctores son muy amables yo recomiendo esta clínica además dan muy buen medicamento rápido se cura uno
BENJAMIN M. | May 11, 2024
Professional and thorough
ANDREONNA C. | May 11, 2024
Awesome staff answered all my concerns in and out and with a smile
JORGE S. | May 10, 2024
Fast and friendly staff
ALLEAH M M. | May 10, 2024
Si la verdad un exelente doctor traia una fuerte alergia de que me intoxique con comida y la verdad rapido me puso una inyecion y me reseto medicamento y ya estoy mucho mejor pero la verdad muy bien recomendado
ALONDRA E. | May 10, 2024
Very helpful and nice
ELIJAH V. | May 09, 2024
JULIAN J. | May 09, 2024
He was nice and fast
ALICE V. | May 09, 2024
The staff is always proficient and care to hear your concerns. Wait times can be long but that’s because they spend time providing quality care. Worth the wait.
KRISTY E. | May 09, 2024
My first time here and was checked in fairly quick and saw the doctor within 30min. Doctor was helpful in providing resources and information I needed for my injury.
SAUL S. | May 09, 2024
I waited over an hour for the doctor for a 30 second interaction. I explained that on Monday I had splitting intense pain in the area around my eye and since then I had a dull ache with intermittent shooting pain in the same area for 3 days. I speculated that it was some type of Sinus infection above the inner side of my eye and the doctor told me there wasn't a sinus there, they're in your nose, a 20 second Google of "sinus" can tell you otherwise. I told the doctor I had taken Ibuprofen with lack of results and so she prescribed me Ibuprofen and sent me out. I asked if that was it, no scan, no exam, etc and she said that I was good. I left dumbfounded and went to the CVS anyways to grab the prescription only to find they sent it to a different cvs than the one I explicitly laid out to them and they repeated back to me. Hour plus wait for a 30 second visual assessment, not a medical tool in sight, an incorrect anatomy lesson, a pointless prescription, and an incorrect address. Worst experience ever, please check this person's medical license.
JESSE W. | May 09, 2024
He listened to my concerns and questions and answer them And gave me a different scenarios of what could happen and what should I do in case that happened?
OCTAVIO R. | May 09, 2024
Profesional and courteous provider. Highly recommend.
BEATRIZ ELENA C. | May 09, 2024
Muy buen servicio
SOPHIA G. | May 08, 2024
Everything was great
TEYANA A. | May 08, 2024
Kind good fast service
YADIRA O. | May 08, 2024
Perfect atención i like no waiting so is perfect
RICARDO Z. | May 08, 2024
I was seen fairly quickly. Clean office and professional staff.
BRANDY C B. | May 08, 2024
The PA was excellent..But as far as the front office staff and acting supervisor Desiree has bad customer service and also they are for there own kind...I was there since 7am and actually 3rd person in line and they let someone else in front of me and not for severity or was not a child It was because of their Racs............
ROXANNE R. | May 07, 2024
The best..very polite.. very professional took care of me with loving care.. yes..I would recommend others to visit there.. thank you so much..
MILDRED R. | May 05, 2024
Extremely professional and attentive to details. Both Jacob (PA) and Mario (MA) took their time to properly clean and dress my wound. Very gentle and caring service. I highly recommend this clinic. 5 ⭐️s for sure.
SAM C. | May 05, 2024
I give it a 4 star because they took long to attend us but everything else was great
EMILIANO P. | May 05, 2024
Great visit. Staff was helpful and Krysten was easy to talk to. Felt comfortable discussing my visit and she got me going in the right direction promptly.
ELIZANDRO V. | May 04, 2024
Great job
IHAB O. | May 04, 2024
Very nice, took his time, and is very knowledgeable
AZALEA F. | May 04, 2024
In and out within 20 min best provider
EZRA M. | May 04, 2024
Great job
ROBERT DAVID H. | May 04, 2024
Apple Care Urgent Care is a life saver! Dr. Nicki educated me about Asthma and allergies like no one ever has, I recommend anyone especially with little kids to go to this office, they are polite, quick and very knowledgeable.
ANTHONY V D. | May 03, 2024
Fast and reliable, knew exactly what I had and how to treat it.
JENNIFER A M. | May 03, 2024
It’s fast
AYLIN C. | May 02, 2024
Quick and sufficient
SHEILA D. | May 02, 2024
Muy buena atención y le dieron los medicamentos que están mejorando la salud de mi hija
BETHANY C. | May 02, 2024
ARTHUR R. | May 02, 2024
Excellent service
XIOMARA D. | May 02, 2024
Excellent service
OMAR D. | May 02, 2024
It was good care,nice staff ,quick
SALLY G. | May 02, 2024
Muy amables
MARICRUZ P. | May 02, 2024
I have gone to this specific urgent care a few times already. They're always attentive, quick, and patient with me. It is a little bit out of my way, but I always prefer to be comfortable when being seen by a doctor so I will make the drive just to be seen here.
DARLENE E. | May 02, 2024
They treat my Daughter with Excellent Care and the Doctor give the Medication that she needed for her Symptoms.
ALEXA S. | May 01, 2024
The wait was short, and the Dr was very thorough.
ROSE O. | May 01, 2024
Excellent service. Thank you
ELIZABETH A H. | May 01, 2024
Staff and provider are really nice, was seen really quickly but all my medical needs were met. I Would recommend this urgent care
ROXANNA R. | Apr 29, 2024
Great care. She listens and is friendly and competent. She remembered me from my last visit. I wish she was my primary doctor! She’s great
JANE L. | Apr 29, 2024
He is the best
TERESA C. | Apr 29, 2024
It was a Sunday, not many options in urgent care...I decided to try Apple...I was extremely the level of care, the timely manner, the cleanliness, and great staff, the doctor was efficient, to the point, and quickly got me on my way. I had my issue cared for, a prescription called in less than an hours time. Thank you!
NOVELY E. | Apr 29, 2024
The NP was very kind and helpful. Gave me everything i needed to feel better. Thank you.
KAREN G. | Apr 29, 2024
I really enjoy Dr James
RAY C. | Apr 28, 2024
This was my first time in Apple urgent care my little daughter was sick and they attended her so fast I really recommend this clinic the doctor and the personal are very nice and amables thank you Apple
CAMILA H. | Apr 28, 2024
OK experince
FREEDOM W. | Apr 28, 2024
I was treated wonderfully and not a long wait thank you
MATTIE S. | Apr 28, 2024
Super Recomendado
MATEO S. | Apr 28, 2024
I was just constipated no pain , but she sent me to Emergency Room ,cost me a $450.00 co -pay, and all the Emergency Room Doctor did was write me a prescription for something that I could have gotten from them,.plus it was over the counter,I didn't need the Emergency Room for anything.The Urgent Care Dr should have written the prescription.
EUGENE F. | Apr 27, 2024
Good staff
DIANA G. | Apr 27, 2024
She took her time to explain to us what was wrong with our child. She checked our child’s ears throat and told us what we could do at home to help our child with the pain.
JONATHAN O. | Apr 27, 2024
Was very fast and provided attentive care.
MARINA M. | Apr 27, 2024
Excellent clinic and staff. The doctor was amazing. We drive from Anza to come to this clinic, and will continue doing so.
SHAWNA C. | Apr 27, 2024
Good experience
YUDLEY O. | Apr 27, 2024
Fast and effective
EMILIANO J. | Apr 26, 2024
Efficient front office. Medical assistant very helpful. Doctor was great listening to my daughter pain.
JIMENA P. | Apr 26, 2024
This is a great place the staff is friendly and Dr is great highly recommend this place
JOSE G. | Apr 26, 2024
Dr. Very unprofessional
JACQUELYN H. | Apr 26, 2024
Not a long wait. Everyone is friendly and attentive. 10/10 would come again (:
VALERIA G. | Apr 26, 2024
Excellent service from the young lady in the front to the nurse to the Dr.! My daughter recommended me to go there she said the service was excellent…I was doubtful since 99% of medical experiences had been negative! But I was very happy with all the staff! No complaints at all!
ALICIA K. | Apr 26, 2024
JOSE M. | Apr 25, 2024
JARRETT B. | Apr 25, 2024
Bien atendido
Great with kids and works quickly with a big smile on his face!
RYAN B. | Apr 24, 2024
Todo bien solo es mucha espera una vez estando en el cuarto
ALEX C. | Apr 24, 2024
I have great experience, thank you
YASMIN A. | Apr 24, 2024
It was a very welcoming and friendly environment
DEBRA L. | Apr 24, 2024
Very professional, he was quick and helped me recover
BAYYANA A. | Apr 24, 2024
Eduardo was attentive while listening to my concerns and presenting problem. He was able to assist with immediate relief of my symptoms and prescribe a helpful medication. Highly recommended! Thank you!
LAURIE B. | Apr 24, 2024
Good service
JAIME ANGELES R. | Apr 23, 2024
Dr was explaining everything about the simtoms I had and answer all my questions
HECTOR P. | Apr 23, 2024
Great job was right away and feel better already
THOMAS V. | Apr 22, 2024
Very clean, great people
ELISSA M. | Apr 21, 2024
Fast and efficient
APRIL O. | Apr 21, 2024
Well done
TREVIS H. | Apr 21, 2024
TERESA H. | Apr 21, 2024
Super good very nice personal super fast
SANDRA A. | Apr 20, 2024
Great service and fast
JULIO N. | Apr 20, 2024
Nice place, nice people totally recommend
ERICA M. | Apr 20, 2024
got exactly what i came for and diddnt have to wait long
DAYLAJAE T. | Apr 20, 2024
I took my kid for urgent care, and the doctor didn't want to check my kid all the doctor did was read the symptoms I wrote down which were fever, darrieha and vomit and was prescribing medicine, my wife had to obligate the doctor check my kid. After the doctor was forced to check my kid it turned out he had an ear infection and needed other medications not the ones he was prescribing before actually checking my kid
AMADEO P. | Apr 20, 2024
Friendly, personably, efficient
KENNETH D. | Apr 20, 2024
I want to express my gratitude to Nickeshia Ferron at Apple Urgent Care for providing outstanding, patient care. Her loving and compassionate approach made my visit truly exceptional. Nickeshia's dedication to her patients is evident, and I'm grateful for her professionalism and kindness. My experience at Apple Urgent Care was seamless, thanks to Nickeshia's exceptional care.
Marisol T. | Apr 20, 2024
I have been to this establishment multiple times for my children and have always been treated pleasantly. The front desk is always very nice and service is pretty fast. Today, I came in for myself and had a very unprofessional and rude experience with Linden Batiste PA. She belittled me and my symptoms. When I gave her my symptoms, she responded in a rude derogatory manner and was more focused on correcting me what symptoms belonged to which illness instead of properly checking me out. I came in for a wheezing cough, congestion, shortness of breath, etc. and she didn’t run any tests on me (covid, rsv, strep). She gave me no information on what my illness was or what were the next steps I should take. That in itself is malpractice because she did not run the appropriate tests in order to diagnose me correctly. It does not seem like she wants to help and instead thinks she is better than anyone else because of her profession. I would not recommend her AT ALL. Apple urgent care should really reconsider her employment here as I’m sure I’m not the first customer who has experienced her unpleasant, unfriendly approach. She should not be in the medical industry if this is how she treats patients.
GENESIS F. | Apr 19, 2024
Agradable y muy Profesional
LEMUEL S. | Apr 18, 2024
Las chicas de la recepción. Te atienden muy bien. La doctora muy amable muy buena doctora
MARIA V. | Apr 18, 2024
They were quick and my daughter loves them they take such good care of kids they make them see it like if it's a play date
MIA C. | Apr 18, 2024
Great experience. He was very friendly and let me know what my medical issue was
APRIL B. | Apr 18, 2024
Staff very helpful Dr. Hong caring and respectful Addressed my problem promptly. Will be back when I have an other Non emergency hope not soon!! Be healthy out there
RUTH O. | Apr 18, 2024
I have been to this establishment multiple times for my children and have always been treated pleasantly. The front desk is always very nice and service is pretty fast. Today, I came in for myself and had a very unprofessional and rude experience with Linden Batiste PA. She belittled me and my symptoms. When I gave her my symptoms, she responded in a rude derogatory manner and was more focused on correcting me what symptoms belonged to which illness instead of properly providing medical care. I came in for a wheezing cough, congestion, shortness of breath, etc. and she didn't run any tests on me (covid, rsv, strep). She gave me no information on what my illness was or what were the next steps I should take. That in itself is malpractice because she did not run the appropriate tests in order to diagnose me correctly. It does not seem like she wants to help and instead thinks she is better than anyone else because of her profession. I would not recommend her AT ALL. Apple urgent care should really reconsider her employment here as I'm sure I'm not the first customer who has experienced her unpleasant, unfriendly approach. She should not be in the medical industry if this is how she treats patients.
Genesis F. | Apr 18, 2024
Good service and All employees are respectful and pleasant.
LILIA B. | Apr 18, 2024
0 stars. Unprofessional and rude experience with this PA. She belittled me and my symptoms. When I gave her my symptoms, she responded in a rude derogatory manner and was more focused on correcting me what symptoms belonged to which illness instead of properly checking me out. I came in for a wheezing cough, congestion, shortness of breath, etc. and she didn’t run any tests on me (covid, rsv, strep). She gave me no information on what my illness was or what were the next steps I should take. That in itself is malpractice because she did not run the appropriate tests in order to diagnose me correctly. It does not seem like she wants to help and instead thinks she is better than anyone else because of her profession. I would not recommend her AT ALL. Apple urgent care should really reconsider her employment here as I’m sure I’m not the first customer who has experienced her unpleasant, unfriendly approach. She should not be in the medical industry if this is how she treats patients.
Genesis F. | Apr 18, 2024
Mince and Daisy F are awesome carring loving professionals
CIPRIANO F. | Apr 18, 2024
Had a great experience
ANGEL M. | Apr 18, 2024
Yes I was seen pretty fast and the girls at the front desk were very nice and respectful. I really liked the doctor. He took care of my problem and answered all my questions. It seemed so simple and pleasant. I will go back there again.
RANDI R. | Apr 18, 2024
Dr. Jacob PA was very kind very helpful took his time with me answered all my questions I would totally recommend him to others He really seem to care! After being in so much pain he made me feel better and gave me a doctors note with no problem. ❤️
LETICIA G. | Apr 17, 2024
Muy agradecida con esta clínica su atención es muy amable y rápida dando confianza para poder expresar los problemas de salud que tenemos y darnos un diagnóstico con sus respectivos medicamentos.
RITA A. | Apr 17, 2024
I had a very good experience, all the nurses were very friendly and the waiting time was less than an hour. The doctor is very precise with her evaluation and tells you what you have and gives you the correct medicines!!!
SILVIA M. | Apr 17, 2024
Fast coming in , fast coming out
ANTHONY Z. | Apr 17, 2024
He's the Best doctor I have ever seen in my entire life very friendly and professional. A five star ⭐ doctor
ARTURO S. | Apr 17, 2024
This location is efficient, busy and friendly. If you can’t or don’t want to wait in the waiting area. You can wait in your car and they do call you when they are ready to see you. NP Igbinosun answers all questions without being distracted or rushed.
AURORA S. | Apr 17, 2024
The best urgent care so far such great service and a very good doctor! He definitely listens to your health concerns.
BRENDA S. | Apr 17, 2024
KEIDY F. | Apr 17, 2024
I couldn't believe the awesome help I got from the staff @Apple. If it wasn't for the nurse there I wouldn't have gotten my meds from Walgreens. I was having a bad day but they perfected it towards the end visit. I really appreciate the staff for going to bat for me. Thanks guys and the Dr. As well.
JOANN B. | Apr 16, 2024
The girls are professional and also kind ! The provider as well ! In and out in a timely manner
CASSANDRA A. | Apr 16, 2024
My visit was good, Not so much wait time and really like the service. Clean, Polite staff and Very good Doctor
GRACIELA M. | Apr 16, 2024
Great urgent care, I was greeted well. The nurse was very helpful and kind, I went in due to an infection on my finger and the doctor was very gentle during the procedure took the time to explain everything. Overall experience was very good definitely will recommend. Location was clean as well.
ARIANA Z. | Apr 16, 2024
Good medical staff
SELVIN C. | Apr 15, 2024
All staff efficient and polite. Dr Foley quickly diagnosed and prescribed. Prudently ordered Stat X-ray and follow-up.
MARILYN B. | Apr 15, 2024
Very good attention thanks dr surya
ELEAZAR J. | Apr 15, 2024
I was very happy with the care my Grandson and I received at our last visit to Apple urgent care
MALINDA S. | Apr 14, 2024
No quedé conforme con la revisión
ALICIA P. | Apr 14, 2024
The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It took less than 15 minutes to get looked at by the doctor. The doctor knew my issue and prescribed appropriate medications.
JOHN K. | Apr 13, 2024
se tardaron mucho para tener a mi hija se la brincaron como tres pacientes primero que ella cuando ella iba se brincaban a otro paciente más hasta que salí les dije que si no la iban a atender
GEIDYS F. | Apr 13, 2024
Friendly service, Dr. Was very attentive
NANCY Z. | Apr 13, 2024
Very nice staff, felt comfortable and cared for.
KIMBERLY R. | Apr 12, 2024
The staff were very professional and friendly from the time we got there til we left. Thank you for taking care of my family!
ELIAZAR C. | Apr 12, 2024
She was very attentive and listened to my concerns.
ALLISON A. | Apr 12, 2024
Friendly, fast, above and beyond to make my kids feel safe
JOSHUA V. | Apr 12, 2024
Fast, helpful information
ERIKA U. | Apr 12, 2024
Staff was very kind and efficient. The Dr. Adebisi listened and made sure to address all our concerns.
LEMEL L. | Apr 12, 2024
Fast, helpful, overall good
JAYLAH V. | Apr 12, 2024
Didnt seem like they cared just wanted us out as quick as possible
MA ELENA H. | Apr 12, 2024
I went in with extremely high blood pressure and I did not want to go to the hospital the doctor gave me something and I felt so much better everyone is so nice and I was in and out super fast the longest wait was the 10 minutes to make sure my blood pressure was stable and this is the only urgent care I will ever go to for now on
JENNY R. | Apr 12, 2024
Friendly clean and very prompt we were seen less than what I expected
LEVI A. | Apr 12, 2024
They were efficient and professional
HENRY E. | Apr 12, 2024
Love taking my kids here they are fast don’t have to wait much very nice people
PRINCE V. | Apr 11, 2024
Very pleasant experience.. Short wait.. very professional service... and they took care of my need s... thanks
PHILP J. | Apr 11, 2024
The care provider expended no more than 5 minutes on me , prescribed cough medicine and antibiotics , and next day have the same symptoms still .
CLAUDIO R. | Apr 11, 2024
I eas seen very quickly and the stuff and doctor we're really nice, they took very good care of me and were very concerned about my medical needs.
IRMA S. | Apr 11, 2024
Clean office, and they see you fast.
JUDITH J. | Apr 11, 2024
She was to friendly or cordial Kinda ??
CELESTINA J. | Apr 11, 2024
I didn’t have my Medicare card and I brought a 30 day temporary one. Other places needed the plastic card and this place took me in and help get my pink-eye drop. Wonderful place and good doctor
FERNANDO M. | Apr 11, 2024
I like it and you have to wait to the doctor come in and come out
JOHN M. | Apr 10, 2024
Thanks for been so patient and ask all the proper questions. Thank you
JUAN Z. | Apr 10, 2024
Atencion Excellent 100% recommendado
PERLA J. | Apr 10, 2024
Fast and friendly.
LAMAR L. | Apr 10, 2024
Excellent attention.
BERTHA A. | Apr 09, 2024
Fast and good services
RIZIK O. | Apr 09, 2024
Dr..was so attentive and loving...
LUCIUS C. | Apr 09, 2024
It took three hours to get one ear washout and you didn’t seem that busy but I feel so much better thank you
EDWYNA D. | Apr 09, 2024
Definitely recommend
ATLANTIS A. | Apr 08, 2024
Dr Thank you
HECTOR Q. | Apr 08, 2024
I'm definitely recommended because it was extremely fast I got there at 9:00 on a Saturday and at 9:30 I was already out.
MARIA M. | Apr 07, 2024
I had gone in after falling I was very impressed with the staff and the doctor they were very caring and I felt comfortable going there it was my first time and I was glad to have their care the whole thing was a very good experience
KAREN T. | Apr 07, 2024
They help me out in my time of my need. Thank you so much.
FRANCISCO P. | Apr 07, 2024
Very professional. The staff were fast and efficient. Was very impressed with their service and kindness.
LISA W. | Apr 07, 2024
FOLLY was very clear with his explanation and follow up steps. Warm and pleasant.
SUSAN B. | Apr 06, 2024
Fast and easy service.
CHIDERA I. | Apr 06, 2024
Everyone so helpful, good service Dr Jacob covers all my needs thank you
HECTOR Q. | Apr 06, 2024
Muy bien servicio
JAIME S. | Apr 06, 2024
great service
ALEJANDRA A. | Apr 06, 2024
Good attention
JAIR R. | Apr 06, 2024
Fast and easy. Great work.
ORLANDO C. | Apr 06, 2024
Awesome Doctor he explains things easily and gracefully so you can understand. He’s very sympathetic and listens to his patience. Will definitely be coming back.
CARLY L. | Apr 05, 2024
Staff was courteous polite fast and addressed all my concerns but you need to fix your scales they're about 40 lb off
ROCHELLE S. | Apr 05, 2024
Quick and assisted with my medical needs
CELIA U. | Apr 05, 2024
ALAYNA S. | Apr 05, 2024
Great customer service
MARIBEL R. | Apr 05, 2024
Very helpful I am very satisfied
LYDIA E. | Apr 05, 2024
ERASMO R. | Apr 04, 2024
It’s fast and their staff is very friendly and helpful with all.
DELILAH C. | Apr 04, 2024
Thank you.
ANNETTE J. | Apr 04, 2024
He's seen to have very good patient and care for his patience and concern explain very well I feel he do more exam / and checking then my own regular Doctor
MONIQUE T. | Apr 04, 2024
Iam glad doctor send me to the hospital got admitted
PATRICIA F. | Apr 04, 2024
Muy bueno
AFRICA P. | Apr 03, 2024
Provider took the time to listen, friendly and professional.
ARIANNA G. | Apr 03, 2024
Very educated
SAM N. | Apr 03, 2024
Excelente servicio las enfermeras muy amables
JACOB G. | Apr 03, 2024
Muy bien
TERESA G. | Apr 03, 2024
They are fast, and friendly. They took my Kaiser HMO insurance which is great.
ANAYELY M. | Apr 03, 2024
MARIA R. | Apr 03, 2024
LEAHNETTE G. | Apr 03, 2024
Good service thank you
VANESSA C. | Apr 03, 2024
100% satisfaction perfect service and the Best patient service, Thank you
ADELNERI H. | Apr 03, 2024
Good fast,very healpfol for me was very convenient the meds the doctor gave me it helping alredy thanks
ANNA F. | Apr 03, 2024
why do doctors act scared of patients last 3 times I've been there the dr dosent listen with stethoscope or check ears or nose like normal doctors . The doctor stands by the door and asks why you're there and says what rg hes gonna give yo without throughly checking you
SHARON G. | Apr 02, 2024
Perfect Time and treatment
MATTHEW M. | Apr 02, 2024
I was seen. Less then a hr
LANECIA D. | Apr 02, 2024
receptionist and nurses are nice but the service from the actual provider is just horrible. we went in there for stomach pain/diahreah and they didn’t even bother to have my daughter do a urine test or anything didn’t ask any questions, they didn’t even check for inflammation or anything and just saw her and prescribed antibiotics w/o asking questions first. She couldn't say if it was a stomach bug, infection or a certain food causing the discomfort. When asked if i should change my kids diet she just said "I mean it's up to you, but I don't think so." We got out of there and I went straight to a different UC and the were able to give us answers and run tests BEFORE prescribing medication. Wouldn't recommend, not going back.
ZOE H. | Apr 02, 2024
Great with children and straight to the point, I loved the service he provided and great team the nurse really patient and understanding.
DORIAN D. | Apr 02, 2024
Primera vez que voy a este lugar y me atendieron muy bien yo lo recomendaría si es que estás enfermo
JESUS E. | Apr 02, 2024
Always quick professional and courteous. I never dread having tongo
LARITA T M. | Apr 01, 2024
Great experience very friendly staff
BRETT V. | Apr 01, 2024
He was great. I really appreciated that it was a quick visit.
MELANIE M. | Apr 01, 2024
P.A Linden is quick to acknowledge your concerns and address your questions thoroughly. Her medical background and knowledge is second to none. I would refer anybody to her.
ALLEN C. | Apr 01, 2024
F. Igbinosun, NP was very kind and polite. He explain in details what was wrong with my eye. He even told me the names of the medicines and what each one was for and how they work. I been to the urgent care several times . But he is one of the ones that I seen that explains in details everything and he is quick. I would recommend him very much. Very nice person.
MARIA A. | Apr 01, 2024
Excelente servicio
ALANI P. | Apr 01, 2024
Tardaron mucho para pasarme y atender
PEDRO H. | Apr 01, 2024
Good service fast and he listen to me about my sinus and give me the right medicine and today l feel better
ROSA S. | Apr 01, 2024
Excellent service.
LYNNE I. | Apr 01, 2024
You are an incredible Great dr. I Feel so much better thank you so so much.
ELAINE D. | Mar 31, 2024
Excelente personal
ANA A. | Mar 31, 2024
Exelente servicio
ELIZABETH A. | Mar 31, 2024
Good experience
JULIAN A. | Mar 31, 2024
Muy buena atención y fue muy rápido
GEORGE L. | Mar 31, 2024
Friendly staff hands down
SERGIO R. | Mar 31, 2024
Excellent job and professional thank you
DONOVAN J. | Mar 31, 2024
I am in a lot of pain the doctor said it’s was viral what I have my ear and throat are in so much a 10 and she didn’t prescribe me anything for the pain
LORENA J. | Mar 31, 2024
Good service
JULIO B. | Mar 30, 2024
Good job
EMMANUEL G. | Mar 30, 2024
It was my first time coming to this urgent care center. I was new to the area and had a Healthcare issue of concern. It was after regular business hours on a Friday and I expected that it might be a room full of patients. Instead I found a pleasantly surprising calm and quiet waiting room which was clean. They took me in pretty quickly after taking my insurance and filling out a simple intake form. I was seen by the back office MA at first, and the PA, and both were very kind, efficient, and personable! The ONLY thing that I would say that caused me to not give 5 stars was that the front office MA wasn't very inviting to me anyway, she was direct, just not very personable or friendly upon entrance or when leaving. Overall I would recommend this center for anyone that is in need of care anytime they aren't able to visit their regular medical clinic or physician.
ALANA W. | Mar 30, 2024
Excelente explicación recommending how to take care my baby.
ROSA S. | Mar 30, 2024
Quick, Simple, and professional service. Very helpful staff and great medical care for my issue anyways. Very helpful tho and satisfied with my visit.
JOHN D. | Mar 30, 2024
We have been there 3 times to this urgent care, always nice an professional staff. The doctors amazing. im so glad they open 7 days .
VICTORIA L R. | Mar 30, 2024
I really like the service, very professional and quick!
EVANGELINA G. | Mar 30, 2024
Dean Buster, NP took time to explain my condition and also printed out sheet to further explain my condition. He answered all my question in great detail. Thank you
SANDRA B. | Mar 30, 2024
Very calm peaceful doctor
CRYSTAL W. | Mar 30, 2024
Great Dr and excellent with the children.
JANIAH E. | Mar 29, 2024
Dr was the best! Attended us like no other, she’s very attentive and gave us what we needed.
CHRISTINA A D. | Mar 29, 2024
Dr was the best! Attended us like no other, she’s very attentive and gave us what we needed.
DELILAH J D. | Mar 29, 2024
CLARA M. | Mar 29, 2024
Es muy amable , y servicial , te hace sentir muy cómoda a nivel personal .
NOELIA M. | Mar 29, 2024
Awesome service
XAVIER S. | Mar 29, 2024
I was taking care of very well while I was there.I took a little while to get in there but he was very thorough
TONY P. | Mar 29, 2024
He explains everything pretty well respectfully
ANA M. | Mar 29, 2024
Fast professional and affective
SCOTTIE W. | Mar 28, 2024
Very kind and listened to what my needs were. Explained treatment needed well. (Would Recommend)
JULIANNA S. | Mar 28, 2024
She was a amazing, sweet, caring doctor.
MARIA S. | Mar 28, 2024
Great experience good customer service
JOSE B. | Mar 28, 2024
Jacob was great with my kids… and was very quick but also listened and addressed the issues we had…
SARAH C. | Mar 28, 2024
I was in and out easy test
LAURA R. | Mar 28, 2024
Love this Doctor!!!
SUNDAY C. | Mar 28, 2024
Fast, friendly and efficient staff I will highly recommend it.
VERONICA B. | Mar 28, 2024
It was good not too long of a wait.
ANTHONY A. | Mar 28, 2024
of course, when I come there, I am not feeling well, but I am pleased with the staff, the doctors they take care of you, I appreciate the fast and friendly that is given to you, and will always go there so thank you
HENRIETTA B. | Mar 28, 2024
She was really caring to my daughter, took her time to examine her . Didn’t wait too long to be processed seen and checked out.. overall great experience. Thank you
ARLET D. | Mar 28, 2024
Pretty quick and helpful I loved it and medicine got in fast
GIANINNA H. | Mar 27, 2024
doctor comforting patient

Apple Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Colton, Coachella, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Perris, Riverside, Indio, San Bernardino and San Jacinto, CA

Apple Urgent Care provides exceptional medical care for adults and children. The practice maintains nine convenient Southern California locations with offices in Indio, Colton, Hemet, Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside, Coachella, San Jacinto, and San Bernardino to meet the urgent care needs of families in each community. The highly skilled medical team can address a range of minor injuries and acute and chronic health conditions more affordably and with less hassle than the hospital emergency room.

On-site testing services are available to accurately diagnose anemia, arrhythmias, asthma, diabetes, sinus infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The clinics also offer specialized lab services, including tuberculosis (TB) testing and drug screenings.

Apple Urgent Care provides treatment services for minor injuries like cuts and bruises, minor burns, and lacerations. The team can also diagnose and treat sprains and fractures from accidents or sports-related injuries.

They have extensive experience managing heartburn, arthritis, migraines, and high blood pressure (hypertension).

The preventive services at Apple Urgent Care include sports physicals and pre-employment physicals. The providers also offer vaccines for tetanus and the seasonal flu. Additional resources are available to improve physical health, reduce stress, and optimize long-term wellness.

Flexible scheduling with no wait times is available for appointments. Individuals can also visit the clinic on a walk-in basis. The friendly staff maintains a safe, welcoming environment for people of all ages to ensure high patient care and satisfaction.

Call the Apple Urgent Care office near you to schedule a consultation, book an appointment online, or visit the clinic near you as a walk-in today.

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